Jobs at Samara

3D Visualization Artist

The 3D Visualization Artist brings Samara projects and products to life, beautifully. They compliment their highly refined modeling, texturing, shading, and lighting skills with a deep knowledge of photography and cinematography. The 3D Visualization Artist has an eye for detail and understands how imperfections, restraint, and poetry lead to incredible, accurate, and immersive photorealistic images.


  • Starting from a prompt, sketch, or CAD file, iteratively model, texture, shade and light 3D forms to create photorealistic scenes and images
  • Comp fluid, compelling, and cinematic 2D and 3D animations with precise timing
  • Support both product development and brand + communication projects by illustrating concepts realistically


  • 4 years of experience in 3D visualization
  • Extensive knowledge of the 3D production workflow, from ideation through final render
  • Collaborative, iterative mindset
  • Demonstrated ability to work on small, focused teams to complete projects under pressure with tight deadlines
  • Beautiful portfolio demonstrating exceptional attention to detail