Jobs at Samara

Manufacturing Design Engineer

We’re seeking an experienced and creative Manufacturing Design Engineer to develop and implement novel manufacturing methods and technologies for Samara’s Backyard project and influence the design of physical components to optimize them for manufacturing.


  • Ensure product manufacturability and excellence
  • Collaborate with engineering, architecture, and industrial design teams to ensure the design is optimized for manufacturing and can achieve exceptionally high quality.
  • Design for manufacturing. You will work with engineering, design and architecture teams at all stages to optimize Backyard components for manufacturability.
  • Manufacturing strategy and processes. You will design, develop and implement manufacturing strategies and processes, using existing manufacturing technologies and technologies designed specifically for Backyard.
  • Novel manufacturing processes. You will develop brand new manufacturing technologies and methods to address Backyard-specific needs from first principles.
  • External manufacturing. You will make decisions about outsourcing certain aspects of manufacturing to external parties, establish and manage these relationships.
  • Testing and quality assurance. You will develop testing and QA strategies and processes to ensure exceptional quality of Backyard components.
  • Sustainability. You will collaborate with engineering and design teams to ensure sustainability of both the final product and manufacturing processes.
  • Product lifecycle. You will explore the implications of our design and manufacturing choices on ability to reuse, refurbish and recycle building components in the future.
  • Industry research. You will be up to date on the latest developments in the industry, including advancements in manufacturing processes, new materials, automation in construction and beyond.
  • External representation. You will represent Samara’s manufacturing expertise externally and bring in exceptional talent.


  • Experience with mass manufacturing
  • 10+ years or experience in manufacturing industry (preferably automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics).
  • Deep understanding of high and low volume manufacturing processes: injection molding, casting, sheet metal forming, CNC machining, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, CNC turning, 3D printing etc.
  • Experience in developing custom manufacturing processes and machines from scratch.
  • BS in Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering or other relevant engineering field.
  • Bold and creative thinker
  • Embraces the future and is excited about uncertainty and the unknown.
  • Comfortable with abstraction and ambiguity; considers and communicates risk factors/assumptions and makes big bets.
  • Approaches problems from first principles, deriving short- term decisions from long-term goals.
  • Relies on instinct and intuition in the absence of available data and precedent.
  • Passionate about the future of housing, cities, and living experiences.
  • Passionate about great design and architecture, appreciates art, fashion and film.