Jobs at Samara

Mechanical Engineering Intern

The Mechanical Engineering Intern will approach problems from first principles and conduct fair, deep and thorough research. The intern will gain experience in the product development process from concept to production. They will be tasked with designing risky and sometimes unconventional solutions that they can justify using prototypes, calculations, simulations and other available resources.


  • Create or modify CAD models and engineering drawings of mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Produce mechanical parts and assemblies by coordinating with the in-house prototyping lab or outside vendors
  • Design mechanical tests, conduct mechanical performance tests using in-house testing equipment, create testing setups or work with outside labs to completely ensure quality and reliability of mechanical parts and systems
  • Thoroughly document research and development process


  • Must be a current student of an undergraduate or graduate degree in Mechanical or Structural Engineering
  • Experience with CAD Software (e.g. Solidworks, Siemens NX, etc.)
  • Proficiency with the practical application of engineering principles
  • Familiarity with mechanical testing (e.g. load testing, fatigue testing, etc.)
  • Familiarity with prototyping equipment (machining, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, 3D printing, etc.)
  • Strong communication skills and attention to detail